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Community Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys

By choosing intelliPharms' patient surveys solution we take to headache out of processing your results and provide you an easy step by step method of ensuring you get the most form your surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we have to participate in the survey?
Yes – it is part of the clinical governance requirements of the contractual framework. The results of the survey will help contractors to develop the service they provide to their patients.

Q. When should I do the survey?

You will need to complete the survey by the end of March 2009 and by the end of March in subsequent years. Do not underestimate how long it will take to obtain the necessary number of returned questionnaires - leave yourself a cushion of at least two months before the deadline. We recommend you make plans for running the survey as soon as possible.

You do not need to conduct the survey over a single period, although you will probably find it helps with planning to schedule a period – or several periods - of survey activity. The length of time to schedule is also up to you. Overall, the survey may take several weeks to run.

Q. Will we get paid any money for completing the survey?

The funding for this is included in the global sum for essential services. You will need to bear the direct cost of running the survey – whether you decide to ‘do it yourself’ or whether we help you with the processing.

Q. Do we have to use the national template survey as published by the Department of Health & PSNC?

Yes – this has been agreed nationally between PSNC and the Department of Health. The use of a national set of questions will allow you to compare your results with similar pharmacies. The questions in the national template survey have been piloted in pharmacies; the contractors involved in the testing found that they produced useful results.

Q. Do I need to amend the template questionnaire before I use it?

Yes – you will need to add your pharmacy name and address where indicated.

Q. Can I amend the formatting of the nationally agreed questionnaire, including adding my pharmacy logo?
Yes - but it is probably wise to ensure that any changes to the formatting do not make the questionnaire excessively long, as this may reduce the likelihood of patients filling it in.

Q. Can we add additional questions to the questionnaire for our own interest?
You can add your own questions to the standard set published provided they are related to the provision of healthcare services. intelliPharm also offers a bespoke service that will allow you to add more questions to the standard questionnaire, this will be mirrored for you on the paper surveys and our online surveys we provide for you pharmacy.

Q. Which member of the pharmacy team should collect the data?
Many contractors may find it efficient to ask counter assistants to approach patients, however the optimum skill mix will of course vary from one pharmacy to another.

Q. Which patients should we give the questionnaire to?
Select patients in such a way as to reflect the whole spectrum of the patient profile of the pharmacy, i.e. don’t just give them out to specific groups of patients, or to people accessing a particular service. You should aim to distribute them evenly over the opening hours of the pharmacy; you might find it easiest to ask every third customer if they would participate.

Do not be tempted to cherry pick patients you think will give you a good score! The evidence actually tends to show this does not have the desired effect. Seeking the views of a wide range of patients will produce a balanced view that will be of most use to pharmacy contractors.

Q. Can patient comments be identified back to them if they make serious allegations?
No, unless the patient chooses to enter their details on the questionnaire – it would be most unusual for them to do so. The survey should be considered anonymous rather than confidential.

Q. Can I publish my own results and use them in advertising material?
If you wish to do this then that is fine as long as you comply with professional guidelines. You should however consider whether this would in effect result in the publication of commercially sensitive information relating to your business.

Q. Can we help patients to fill in the questionnaire?
Where possible patients should complete questionnaires themselves, but limited assistance for those with poor eyesight or explaining general concepts is acceptable. Staff need to give impartial guidance to patients should they ask for help with the questionnaire.

Q. Can surveys be completed by a patient representative on behalf of a patient?
Surveys completed by a carer or other patient representative are acceptable, except where the pharmacist reasonably believes that the response was submitted without the patient’s consent.