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NHS Practice Leaflets

While not all the details of the practice leaflets that pharmacy contractors need to supply to patients to fulfil clinical governance requirements of the contractual framework have been worked through, the content of any such leaflet has been agreed by PSNC and Department of Health.

Our quality practice leaflets will ensure that you are fully complaint with the DoH / PCT requirements and accurately reflect the professional services that you offer.

As directed by the information commissioner, your pharmacy needs to have a ‘Right To Know Information’ for patients of the pharmacy to access. Our practice leaflets include the critical elements of this information so you will not be required to hold another leaflet on this subject.

We have two types of leaflets you can choose from:

  1. Single tri-fold leaflet

This is a single double sided A4 leaflet, that contains all the required information as well as up to six bespoke services for your pharmacy.

With this offering the minimum order is for only a 100 leaflets, overcoming issues of storage and watage when you change your services, you can can even opt to have an electronic copy, so you can print them yourself as and when required.

  1. Comprehensive Practice Booklet

    This our premium practice booklet which contains much more information and does not restrict you to the number of services that you may wish to promote. Minimum order for the booklets is only 200 copies.

For further details download our price list and order form which details allthe options you have.