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Community Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys

By choosing intelliPharms' patient surveys solution we take to headache out of processing your results and provide you an easy step by step method of ensuring you get the most form your surveys.

Completing the Surveys

Making sure your surveys are completed could not be simpler, we provide you with both the paper survey forms as wells as setting you up on our website to all patients to complete the surveys online.

To see a demo of our online surveys in action got to and use "demo" as a sample postcode.

When you sign up with us we provide you a secure username and password to view how many surveys have been done online and also to finalise and view your results once you have completed the total number of surveys required.

Freepost return

As soon as you have your quota of surveys completed, send them back to us using our freepost service.

Processing your surveys

Once we receive your survey forms we only take a few days to process the results for you. As soon as we have completed processing your forms we will send you an e-mail confirming how many survey forms we have processed and instructions on what to do next.

Finalisiing your report and creating your letter for the PCT

After we have processed your survey forms all that remains is for you to log into our website to view your results and to add your comments. These comments are then used to finalise your report and to also generate your letter for the PCT detailing your top three performin areas and one area that you will be looking to improve on for next year.

Our website is easy to use and will guide you through the whole process.

If you like the sound of how we can help then you can download our price list and application form or contact us if you have any specific requirements or questions.