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intelliPharm Compliance Software

A total solution for implementation and continual compliance of the pharmacy contract that has been tried and tested.

Provides a centralised platform, from which the requirements of the contract can be managed. Laying a strong foundation from which to deliver your extended services with all the benefits of an electronic system.

  • Developed by pharmacists for pharmacists
  • It's a simple-to-use PC-based package
  • Complete set of SoP's free with software application.
  • How to prepare your pharmacy for the contract requirements
  • Comprehensive Standard operating Procedures
  • Cut down on your storage space and maximise your dispensary space by using this simple PC-based solution.
  • Intelligent form-filling saves time and ensures consistency.

Core features of intelliPharm

Dispensing Error Log

  • Automatically knows who's on duty from the entries made in the duty log
  • Predictive entry make form filling quick and easy
  • Error reports highlight performance and dispensing process issues
  • Approved checker compliant

Duty Log

  • Clinical governance compliant
  • Electronic locum agreement
  • Creates personlised locum register

Interventions, Referrals and Advice Recorder

  • All the forms you need to meet the new guidelines, already produced and on screen.

InfoPoint: so much less on your mind

  • All your key information, documentation and certificated in one place
  • Automatic form filling HN1 for changes in opening hours
  • Automatically reminds you when its time to renew data protection, waste carrier license and hazardous waste certification.
  • Links to intelliPharm's Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Records the names and contact details of key persons which may need to be contacted regarding aspects of professional services.

Electronic Private Prescription Register

  • Now you have keep your private prescription records electronically
  • Allow easy recording of repeat scripts
  • Contains the NHS drug database.
  • End of month reports of amount of prescriptions dispensing and are zero rated.

Fridge Temperature Log

  • Alerts for daily entry
  • Allows comments for out of range readings
  • Shows recordings in graphical format

Electronic Specials Register

  • Keeps all your special products records in one place
  • Reports show monthly usages and total due back from the PPA

Plus many more features to help with your day to day adherence of the pharmacy contract.