Reasons to Buy

Professional Compliance
As the requirements of the pharmacy contract grow with the introduction of more and more services, you have to be prepared to deal with all aspects without compromising your core business.

  • Makes your NHS contract more secure
  • Provides Audit trail
  • Product reliability
  • Exceptional service
  • Dedicated Support
  • Takes care of bureaucracy
  • Lets you get on with what you do best
Company Profile

The Team

intelliPharm has been born from the passion and drive of the company directors, who as practising pharmacists have always strived to work on projects that are cutting edge and understand the pressures that pharmacists are under whether in the dispensary or with the business requirements.

Their expertise stems from detailed knowledge of the pharmacy industry and best practice along with how to make the best use of technology.

The Challenge
Every small and medium-sized pharmacy faced the implementing the pharmacy contract is somehow expected to find the time not only to write detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SoPs) but to find extra paper storage space and introduce a whole new level of bureaucracy in each and every practice. For many pharmacists, the time and cost involved in doing this is proving nightmarish in its complexity.
In response to this challenge intelliPharm developed a total solution for the implementation and continual compliance of the pharmacy contract that has been tried and tested in a number of pharmacies.