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Community Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys

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In June 2007 the DoH/ PSNC anounced that as part of the new pharmacy contract, every contractor in England and Wales has to complete a number of patient satisifaction questionnaires.
The questionnaire will allow patients to provide valuable feedback to community pharmacies on the services they provide.

What do Pharmacy Contractors have to do?

The Clinical Governance specification of the Essential Services requires pharmacy contractors to conduct an annual patient survey.

The following guidance has been issued by the Department of Health and PSNC.

  1. Pharmacists must undertake a patient satisfaction survey annually.
  2. Contractors may add additional questions if they wish, provided they are related to healthcare service provision. Speak to us about your requirements we can tailor this service just for you.
  3. The minimum number of returned surveys for analysis required each year is proportional to dispensing volume, as outlined in the table below:
Average monthly script volume (Items)
Minimum number of returned surveys
0 - 2000
2001 - 4000
4001 - 6000
6001 - 8000
  1. The questionnaire must be free from adverts.
  2. The questionnaire shall be accompanied by, an explanation as to what it is for, how to complete it, options for it to be returned and what will be done with the responses provided.
  3. There must be at least two choices as to how questionnaires can be returned. With our solution you can have the survey forms completed or we provide you with a dedicated website where patients can complete the survey online. (
  4. The survey shall be distributed from the premises to which it refers.
  5. Surveys shall be distributed only to persons who have received NHS services from the pharmacy.
  6. Surveys shall be distributed in a way which reasonably reflects the pharmacy ’s business profile. For example:
    • It is unacceptable to survey all patients who have received an MUR but none who have received an enhanced service.

    • Distribution should be even over the opening hours of the pharmacy, including weekends and extended hours where applicable

    • Where the pharmacy delivers a significant number of prescriptions to patients’ homes, consideration needs to be given to ensure a suitable distribution of surveys to these patients.
  7. Responses should be analysed and strengths and areas for improvement identified