Products & Services
  1. Dispensing
  2. Repeat Dispensing
  3. Disposal of Unwanted Medicines
  4. Promotion of Healthy lifestyles
  5. Sign-posting & Child Protection
  6. Support for Self Care
  7. Clinical governance
  8. Control Drugs

Standard Operating Procedures

We have produced very detailed Standard Operating Procedures for your pharmacy. They are comprehensive but allow you to tailor them for your particular practice. The SoP's are available as a complete package or can be purchased individually depending on your needs.

Control Drugs Rx Requirements For Cd Rx’s

  • Running Totals Schedule 2 CD Register
  • Making Entries In The Register When Schedule 2 CD’s Are Obtained Or Supplied
  • Giving Out Schedule 2 Or 3 CD’s
  • Delivering CD’s
  • Weekly Stock Check
  • Recording Concerns About The Management & Use Of CD’s
  • Out Of Dates
  • Patient Returns Of Schedule 2 CD’s
  • Requisitions
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Submitting Copies Of F10PCD To PPA
  • Keep Below If Needed Dispensing Cd’s On NHS Forms FP10MDA & FP10MDA SS In Installments For Substance Misusers
  • Appendix CD Schedules