Products & Services
  1. Dispensing
  2. Repeat Dispensing
  3. Disposal of Unwanted Medicines
  4. Promotion of Healthy lifestyles
  5. Sign-posting & Child Protection
  6. Support for Self Care
  7. Clinical governance
  8. Control Drugs

Standard Operating Procedures

We have produced very detailed Standard Operating Procedures for your pharmacy. They are comprehensive but allow you to tailor them for your particular practice. The SoP's are available as a complete package or can be purchased individually depending on your needs.

Essential Services 2 - Repeat Dispensing

  • Meeting With Practice’s To Help Implement Repeatable Rx’s
  • Patients Presenting Ra/Rd Forms At The Medicines Counter
  • Initial Steps Required Before Rd Rx’s Are Dispensed
  • Pharmacy Contacting Practice
  • Practice Contacting Pharmacy
  • Disabling Ra’s & Destroying Rd’s
  • Near Miss Reporting
    • Appendies Appendix 1: Repeatable Rx’s Types: Ra & Rd’s
    • Appendix 2: Counter Staff Training
    • Appendix 3: Dispensary Staff Training
    • Appendix 4: Practice Activity